Leaving Pittsburgh for Seattle

Leave Pittsburgh for Once and Head to Seattle

With Seattle’s stable weather and its open view of the sea, the peace-loving Oceanside is full of public seafood and many other things. The restaurants of Seattle are unique in their own way and make a reasonable profit every year which makes them even more popular in an international term. They are so concentrated when making these dishes, however, that dress ciphers and ceremonial protocol are nearly all forgone.

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Top Restaurants in Seattle


Rotating 180 degrees from the unpredictable style where he worked the restaurant, Chef Shaun has become bald at Copine, he opened his restaurant of Ballard in the year of 2016 with his wife. In the ventilated room, the windows show a beautiful picture on the pleasant roadside of Ballard and the woodwork of the place is admirable that delivers novelty and friendliness. Plates placed there for the customers are of the unique model and takes significance in the heart of the customer.

Sushi Kappo

The city of Seattle has many great restaurants based on the dishes of sushi, but it is not really easy to find a place where you can eat there. In the restaurant of Kappo, there are always seats for customers because it contains a large portion of seats for any customer that come around their restaurant and can leave with a filled tummy. The menus are incredible because they describe every single detail of the dish which helps the customer to decide competitively which dish to order. Their friendliness of sternness of the decoration.


The powerful night other than the children’s restaurant, the restaurant of Lark can be a place where you can even convince your boss to stay happy there because it bakes a celebration, or just order a single player burger, one known to be the best in the area.

Bardel Corso

The dishes of Bardel Corso are the one that anyone can’t imagine in its mind, which bring the taste of heaven that can be greatly admirable for anyone in the world. The dishes like Pizza or burger or any other dish which you can think of can be different in your view when you visit Bardel. Juicy meatballs poured with special sauces, perfectly ventilated cooking techniques can be commendable for anyone. It can be a restaurant which provides a great product in return for cheap service and it will give the taste that you want in life.