Leaving Pittsburgh for Seattle

Leave Pittsburgh for Once and Head to Seattle

With Seattle’s stable weather and its open view of the sea, the peace-loving Oceanside is full of public seafood and many other things. The restaurants of Seattle are unique in their own way and make a reasonable profit every year which makes them even more popular in an international term. They are so concentrated when making these dishes, however, that dress ciphers and ceremonial protocol are nearly all forgone.

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Top Restaurants in Seattle


Rotating 180 degrees from the unpredictable style where he worked the restaurant, Chef Shaun has become bald at Copine, he opened his restaurant of Ballard in the year of 2016 with his wife. In the ventilated room, the windows show a beautiful picture on the pleasant roadside of Ballard and the woodwork of the place is admirable that delivers novelty and friendliness. Plates placed there for the customers are of the unique model and takes significance in the heart of the customer.

Sushi Kappo

The city of Seattle has many great restaurants based on the dishes of sushi, but it is not really easy to find a place where you can eat there. In the restaurant of Kappo, there are always seats for customers because it contains a large portion of seats for any customer that come around their restaurant and can leave with a filled tummy. The menus are incredible because they describe every single detail of the dish which helps the customer to decide competitively which dish to order. Their friendliness of sternness of the decoration.


The powerful night other than the children’s restaurant, the restaurant of Lark can be a place where you can even convince your boss to stay happy there because it bakes a celebration, or just order a single player burger, one known to be the best in the area.

Bardel Corso

The dishes of Bardel Corso are the one that anyone can’t imagine in its mind, which bring the taste of heaven that can be greatly admirable for anyone in the world. The dishes like Pizza or burger or any other dish which you can think of can be different in your view when you visit Bardel. Juicy meatballs poured with special sauces, perfectly ventilated cooking techniques can be commendable for anyone. It can be a restaurant which provides a great product in return for cheap service and it will give the taste that you want in life.

Top 4 Beauty Skincare Spots in Pittsburgh

There is no doubt about it – Pittsburgh is a bustling metropolis. Although Pittsburgh is a big place, it is very easy to get around, since its subway, taxi, and bus services are great. This beautiful city is also known as the City of Bridges, because it is filled with so many different bridges that connect the different parts of the city.

Besides beautiful bridges, Pittsburgh is also filled with rivers, tunnels, winding suburban roads – all of which make this city such a unique place. The reasons above are why people are frequently searching for quality movers like Two Men & a Truck, or even Bay City Movers to help relocate to the City of Bridges.

Pittsburgh definitely has it’s warm seasons, but the winter seasons can be down right freezing. It is a well known fact that as soon as the temperature drops, a lot of people begin to focus their conversations on one thing – their skin. Yes, you read that right – their skin!

That being said, if you love your skin as much as we love ours, it is pretty much safe to say that you change your beauty regimens as soon as the cold temperature strikes, if not even sooner than that. Instead of using your typical facial creams and serums, you decide to use thicker moisturizers, which is not a bad thing at all, since they help prepare your skin for winter. But what if that’s just not enough for you? What if your skin needs a little bit of extra preparation? Fear not, for Pittsburgh is home to many different beauty spas and bars that will give you a skin treatment that you deserve!

Stylush Beauty Bar

If you would like to receive a skin treatment in one of the newest beauty bars in Pittsburgh, the Stylush Beauty Bar is the place to be. Founded by Hillary Cunningham, the Stylush Beauty Bar is sure to become your go-to place for all of your skincare needs. This skincare bar specializes in some of the most trend-worthy procedures in the world. So, if you would like to prepare your skin for the upcoming winter, you should definitely give the Stylush Beauty Bar a chance.

Una Biologicals

There are many people out there who have sensitive skin that they have to battle day in and day out. The same thing applies to Jessica Graves, who is actually the founder of Una Biologicals in Lawrenceville. Una Biologicals offers all kinds of skincare products – from moisturizers to serums.

Anna Skin Care

Anna Skin Care is a company that is like made for those who are in need of specific skincare procedures and services. People who work at Anna Skin Care will do their best to ensure that you leave happier than you were when you first came in. Anna Skin Care has something for everyone – from acne facials to brow treatments.

Top 4 Things To Do With Your Family in Pittsburgh

Did you know that Pittsburgh is also known as KidsBURGH? That’s right, and there is a good reason why it got this beautiful nickname! Pittsburgh is a very family-friendly city with a welcoming hometown feel. What this means is that Pittsburgh always welcomes tourists with open arms.

In Pittsburgh, there is something for everyone. It offers pretty much everything from the very popular skyline view from Mount Washington to top-notch tourist attractions. That being said, Pittsburgh is a great family getaway for anyone, and the best thing about this beautiful town is the fact that it is only three hours away from Washington D. C.

There is so much to see, as well as so much to do in this beautiful town that both you and your loved ones will enjoy every single minute you spend in it. So, what are you still waiting for? Go get your kids and start planning for your road trip. With that said, here are some of the most interesting things that you can do with your kids in Pittsburgh!

Visit the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum

The Pennsylvania Trolley Museum allows you to take a ride into the past. Imagine a museum where visitors are not just encouraged to touch the exhibits, but actually ride in them too! The Pennsylvania Trolley Museum offers much more than just a trolley ride. The guides will explain what the life in this beautiful town was like 50-100 years ago. And if you own a car, we are more than happy to let you know that the parking is free.

Have Fun At the Kennywood

Kennywood is just a few short minutes away from the downtown area in Pittsburgh. The Kennywood Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in this beautiful town. Although it is one of Pittsburgh’s most popular historic landmarks, there is so much more to it than just history. World-class roller coasters, games, live shows, thrilling rides, and food are all part of the experience. Although the Kennywood Park is a fun place for anyone, it is especially fun for parents. And yeah, the parking is free.

Visit the National Aviary

The National Aviary is home to more than 500 birds from around the world. Many of those birds are either endangered or threatened in the wild. If you love penguins, make sure to check out the Penguin Point. There, you can see penguins swimming, diving, and basking in the sun.

Some of the Easiest Ways To Get Around Pittsburgh

When you think of Pittsburgh, you probably think of a bustling metropolis, and if that is how you see this popular city, you are not wrong. Although Pittsburgh is a pretty big city, getting around it is actually much easier than you might think. 

Multiple rivers, tunnels, and bridges, winding suburban roads and hilly terrain all make Pittsburgh such a unique place. There is so much more than just your typical city blocks in Pittsburgh. The downtown area is shaped like a triangle, and it sits at the spot where the Monongahela and Allegheny rivers meet to form the Ohio river.

When it comes to getting around Pittsburgh, you are never too far away from your destination. The downtown area is like made for pedestrians, because it is very easy to explore on foot. There are beautiful parks and plazas everywhere, and they are all conveniently placed between retail corridors and office buildings. And now, here are some of the easiest ways you can get around Pittsburgh!

Take the Subway

The subway system in Pittsburgh is pretty small, but it is clean and very effective. Underground, the art is beautiful, the music is stunning, and the best thing about all of this is the fact that travel within the downtown area of Pittsburgh is free. The subway can offer you a ride across the river to Station Square – which is located in the southern part of the city – for a minimal fare.

Taxi Services

As far as Pittsburgh’s taxi services go, they are available in the Greater Pittsburgh area. Yellow Cab and People’s Cab are two of the largest cab companies in this area. Keep in mind that in this city, you can’t hail a cab anytime you want. That being said, make sure to give them a call to arrange a taxi drive – either that or walk to the nearest cab stand you can find. You can also find cabs at the Pittsburgh International Airport.

Parking Spots Are Not Easy To Find

If there is one downside to Pittsburgh, then it is definitely its parking. Not only are parking spots hard to find, but they are pretty expensive as well. For most downtown garages, daily rates run from $8 to $16, so make sure to always have some cash in your pockets when driving around Pittsburgh.